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To get a Free Virtual Head-Shaving, Just register to the forum and upload your photo there. I will personally "shave" you, 20 free shavers a month (two kids, a wife, a full time job and a mother-in-law can all, at any moment, impact the turnaround time). After your virtual headshave is complete, your photos will be presented (120X120 pixels) on BaldlyGo’s head-shaving galleries - with or without a goatee, according to my decision:]
Or you can get the Private & express virtual head-shaving, where You'll get four (4) quality versions* , within 72 hours, sent confidentially to your email. Feature list
Check out the comparative table:

  Free head-shaving Private & express head-shaving
Privacy no privacy Absolutely confidential - Full privacy
Time of delivery About 20 free shavers a month
(but can be more)
Up to 72 hours
(or you get a refund)
Photo size you get
Right, that's my head
up to 500X500
Visual Samples
# of versions One version (gallery) At least 4 versions*
Stubble version no stubble version Yes
Goatee According to my decision At least two goatee versions*
*goatee versions available to men only, and those who have no goatee in their original photo.
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I'll keep your privacy
I swear on my
mother-in-law's life.